Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bar Master Xtreme

Dasyatlah mamat ni! Korang boleh buat?

Sebenarnya senaman seperti ini semakin popular di barat, anak-anak muda di sana semakin meminati senaman ini dan untuk pengetahuan korang semua, antara salah seorang yang mengasaskan senaman ini ialah Bro Hassan Salaam (BarMastersXtreme). Di bawah ini saya selitkan sedikit info tentang senaman ini yang diambil dari website di atas.

What is Barmasters Xtreme?

Barmasters Xtreme was started by Hassan Salaam to provide an opportunity for the most Xtreme exercise phenomenon taking hold in Harlem and around the Nation. He saw the competitive nature of some of the young and the old participants to engage in this exercise. These individuals were intent on displaying there talents in doing superhuman workouts without the assistance of weights. These participants were dedicated to keeping themselves fit, and in good natural order.

Hassans keen sense of talent moved him to start a company dedicated to giving this sport the needed exposure it deserved. He wanted to bring this to anyone and everyone that wanted to participate. In his travels he came upon other ethnicities that were also caught up in this phenomenon. As you will find, Barmasters is sweeping the country. This started with a group of men that were determined to stay active and fit through natural exercise. As the phenomenon grew, more people wanted to emulate what they were seeing. Hassan found their dedication and the ability to perform exercises to be extraodinary. He has enlisted a talented group of professionals to assist him in bringing this phenomenon to the market.

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